Tips for more bookings

Tina · 12. September 2023

Dear car owner,

We've written a guide on how to get more bookings, and therefore higher revenue, when you rent out your car on GoMore. We promise it's worth the 5 minutes of reading time.

GoMore Keyless

If you rent out your car frequently, you can have GoMore Keyless installed in your car. Keyless technology is installed in the car by our Authorised Mechanics and GoMore covers the cost of installation. Keyless allows you to rent your car to approved GoMore members without having to be present when the car is handed over or returned. During the rental period, the renter can open and lock the car directly through the GoMore app, which also records fuel consumption and mileage in most cases. Keyless makes life easier for active GoMore renters and is already very popular with both car owners and renters. Cars with GoMore Keyless are more likely to be rented than cars without.

If you are interested in having keyless installed in your car, please fill in the form and we will tell you more about the solution.

The right price

It's important to price your car right to get the most bookings and rental income. You always decide the price of your car, but we recommend that you stick to our suggested prices, which we have carefully calculated based on the car model and similar rental cars in your area. We analyse prices from both GoMore and competing car rental companies to ensure you get the most bookings.

To make sure your car is priced right all year round, we also recommend that you activate dynamic pricing. When you activate dynamic pricing in your car profile, we automatically adjust the daily price of your car according to demand to ensure more bookings and higher revenue. Specifically, we adjust the price up or down depending on the demand for rental cars on certain days or at certain times of the year. This means you get more bookings when demand is low and earn more per booking when demand is high. Find out more about dynamic pricing here.

Good photos

Good quality images are important for getting your car selected and booked in search results. Car profiles with good pictures get more bookings. We recommend that you take up to 8 photos from different angles, showing the car from both inside and outside. Pictures taken from the inside should show the seats, boot, driver's seat and gearbox. The app will show you how to take the best possible photos with your phone.

Instant booking

If you know that your car is available at certain times and on certain days, you should definitely activate instant booking. This means that rental requests from renters are automatically accepted if the rental period matches the availability of your car in the calendar. You can set a "booking notification" that determines how long in advance you want to be informed when your car is booked immediately. Rentals that start before then require your consent or refusal first.

We recommend that your car can be booked at short notice. Cars with instant booking enabled will be more visible in the search results on GoMore and will be shown with a small lightning icon on the search page. Many renters specifically search for cars with instant booking, because as a renter you get an immediate response and know that the car can be booked in the desired period. Find out more about the instant booking function.

Informative car profile

To give renters a good impression of your car, we recommend that you enter a meaningful car description in your car profile. Here you can describe the size, equipment, comfort, driving behaviour or information about charging possibilities and range of the car.

In your car profile, you can also indicate whether the car can be delivered for a fee, whether it has its own parking space or whether you can rent additional equipment such as a child seat, a bicycle rack or similar for a fee. Also describe the condition of the car as accurately as possible so that the hirers know what to expect.

If you need help filling out your car profile, please contact our support team at

Duration of the rental

In the car settings you can set the minimum and maximum rental duration. We recommend that you set the minimum rental duration to 1 hour. Renters pay 40% of the daily rate for a 1-hour rental and 100% of the daily rate for 10-24 hours. If you specify a minimum rental period of 1 hour, your car will appear in most search results.


In order for renters to see when your car is available, it is important that you keep your car's calendar up to date. You can easily block days or times when you need the car or when you don't want to rent it. If your car is blocked for bookings, it will not appear in the search results that renters enter for those days. This way you avoid unnecessary rental requests from renters, which would otherwise have a negative impact on your "acceptance rate" and your ranking in the search results.

Accept as many booking requests as possible

The more bookings you accept, the higher your acceptance rate. Car owners with a high acceptance rate will receive more rental requests, and your car will also appear higher up in the search bar when a renter is looking for a car.

Fast response time

How quickly you respond to rental requests affects your response time. In addition to the acceptance rate, response time also affects how high up your car appears in the search results and how many rental requests you receive.

Boost your car

You can get more visibility and more rental requests for your car in the ways described above. We also recommend trying GoMore's "Boost" feature to get your ad higher in the search results. If you are a new car owner who has registered your car on GoMore, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with full information.

If you follow the tips above, your car will appear first in the search results, leading to more bookings and higher revenue. If you need more help to get more bookings, contact us and we will be happy to help you. 🙂